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About Us and Testimonials  

Mission Statement 

To always provide an excellent service to all our clients when planning and building gardens. To give continued support to help people understand and enjoy their outdoor space. To be a trusted source of good advice and standards in the garden design and landscaping Industry.

Keeping Our Standards High 

We always work to pre-set specifications to ensure all the landscaping projects we complete are safe and long lasting. These standards are always provided to the client before any work would begin in the form of a full, itemised quotation. 

Why build to a specification? 

We use clear specification for items such as Sandstone patios or close-board fencing. By doing this we understand how our products perform both in the short and long term. 

Why provide itemised quotations? 

There are a number of benefits to providing a full quotation as opposed to an estimate. The biggest reason is to help you understand what your getting! Once you sign the acceptance form, we as a provider are then committed to completing the project to the size, shape, design and standard for the price agreed. This helps to prevent unexpected costs such as waste not being cleared or the workmanship not up to standard. It also sets us apart from traders that may not finish the work to the standard we do. 

Advice For DIY 

We provide detailed "How To" guides online for some of our services. This is for anyone who feels they would like to do it themselves. 

Why do we give free advice? 

We give free guides to help people who want to try and do the work themselves or may not have the funds to employ a professional to complete the work for them. With this in mind, we would much rather help someone do it right themselves, rather than wasting their money or employing unscrupulous traders. We also understand that some people would just like to take on a project themselves. 

Why should I look at these guides? 

Looking through a step-by-step guide is a good way to see how much work and planning is required to complete a project. This may help you decide whether you would like to do it yourself of employ a professional. 

Privacy Policy 

We take the privacy of all our clients and web visitors very seriously. If you wish to see our privacy policy, then please click the link

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