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Our aftercare

Once your patio or driveway is complete, we will provide you with advice on how to keep it looking great all year round.

Our core patio products  

Our Landscaping Dorset service, provides many paving, path and drivway options to both our domestic and commercial clients in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

Riven Sandstone Paving

Ethically-sourced Riven Sandstone is a high-quality cost effective paving option. It is traditionally laid in a random pattern using a variety of slab sizes. It is available in a range of colours from a dark, sand colour to grey. 

Honed Sandstone Paving

Honed Sandstone is a good option if you would like a natural product but don’t want the distressed look of Riven slabs. It is available in a range of colours and patterns.

Limestone Paving 

Limestone comes in range of colour and finishes from tumbled finish, to a smoother slightly rippled finish. Limestone is hard-wearing and can be good value for money. 

Slate Paving  

Slate comes in a range of styles from calibrated to brushed. Slate is long-lasting and easy to maintain.  

Porcelain Paving 

Porcelain is a highly modern and a fashionable choice for patios. Its contemporary look is ideal for modern gardens where consistency is important. Porcelain is available in a wide range of colours and sizes. 

Want Something Different? 

If you haven't found what your looking for? or wish to try something a little bit different?, then dont hesitate to ask. Our Dorset landscaping service also supplies and installs unconventional products such as bound gravel.

Choosing the right slabs for you

It can be challenging to choose what sort of patio you would like when there is such a wide variety of paving types and colours to pick from. The selection can, however, be significantly reduced depending on your criteria. 


When selecting your slabs you should first think honestly about budget, there is no cheap way to build a long-lasting patio.. The best value paving you can get is a Riven Sandstone or Limestone.
The more refined the paving is, the more it costs. For example, Honed Sandstone costs more than Riven. 


The next thing to think about is the shape - do you want straight lines or a curvy patio?. Some paving types cut better than others, especially when cutting curves. 


There are other things to consider, such as how much direct sun does the patio get?, is the area damp and shady?, are there overhanging oak trees?


It is always best to take the time to discuss options with your Garden Planner or Landscaper to ensure you get the best-suited patio.

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