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Premium outdoor Lighting Design and Installation, Dorset  


Lighting In-Lite

Lighting is an important element in any garden design. in-lite premium garden lighting offers a range of adaptable and energy efficient lighting options. All high-quality in-lite lighting can easily be controlled with your smartphone or tablet and the advantage of being able to set up automated timing settings.


Lighting your garden helps you create a more pleasant atmosphere outside, whether you’re entertaining guests or simply enjoying the outdoors. The soft glow of garden lighting creates an inviting space for you to relax and unwind. From accentuating features like water features, statues and pathways.

Ligting Designs

Lighting Plans 

A detailed lighting design provides a high-quality, smart connected solution that fits your design. we provide a premium system package so a good plan is vital to ensure you get the most out of your garden lighting.


The in-lite landscape lighting system is designed to be easy to install and maintain so that your garden can look its best all year round.


Lighting Design: For a full design a 2 scale garden plan must firstly be completed. lighting designs are detailed and can help create a visualisation of how your garden will look after installation.

Lighting Plan: Lighting plans give a basic but accurate overview, they provide information such as the length of cable and the particular fixings proposed.

Lighting Design .png
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Lighting Types 

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Ground lighting is a great way to light up your garden and create ambiance. Ground lights can be set into the ground around pathways, pools, steps or other features to provide illumination for safety and aesthetics.


Spot Lighting 

Spotlights are a great way to illuminate features in your garden, such as specimen trees and shrubs, statues, and water features.


When installed at eye level and along a fence, several wall lights can create a warm ambiance in the evening. Wall lights can be used in many different ways. For example, a single wall light can light up a walkway or an outdoor dining table, repeated placement can accentuate the depth of the garden in the evening. Pergolas and overhangs can also be nicely illuminated with wall lights.

liv-corten 820x530.jpg

Bollard Lighting 

Bollards are not only beautiful to look at but they also play a prominent role. For example, borders can be beautifully illuminated using fixtures that provide a pleasant, diffused ambient light.

Want to illuminate a path or driveway? Then choose fixtures that provide direct light. These create clear lines and shadows on the surface. 
Some of the bollards have an adjustable light source so you can alter the effects.

evo-hyde-550-dark_mini-scope-duo-1 copy

Surface Lights  

The in-lite range of surface lights gives a wide range of possibilities to create direct and indirect lighting effects. They can be mounted on many surfaces, such as ceilings, beams, steps or pond edges. 

collums lit up using in-like mini scope

Quote & Installation 

Qoute & installation
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A fully comprehensive lighting installation is available upon request. This includes the supply and installation of all the necessary fixtures and fittings, as well as a design consultation to ensure the desired look is achieved.

in-lite outdoor lighting is based on low voltage (12 volts). The system can run off a single transformer that controls the lighting and provides power to the system. The fixtures use a light sensor to turn on automatically when it gets dark and you can set the number of operating hours with a timer. 


How much does it cost 


We offer a premium system with high quality long-lasting fixtures and fittings. When thinking about whether to opt for the service and systems we offer, it’s important to consider the cost, in both money and time. Our systems start from £2,500 to supply and install.


Appointment Fee

We charge for the inital apointment, however, this is refunded if you go ahead with the design service. We also offer a free maintenance check after 12 months to ensure your lighting system continues to work effectivley. This means we can help you avoid any nasty suprises in the future!


Design Fee

We offer a CAD based design service that includes a drawing detailing the light fixtures cable design, conections and transformer box. we charge based on the size and complexity of the design. This service is again refunded if you go ahead with the lighting installation.


We believe that our premium service goes beyond the products themselves and we aim to make sure you get value.

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