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Garden Design Dorset & Hampshire

Designing A Garden 

You may think that designing a garden is as easy as picking out your favourite flowers and putting them in the ground, but there is actually quite a bit of skill involved. To create a truly stunning garden, you need to consider factors such as the climate, the amount of sunlight the area receives, and the soil type your garden has. You also need to think about the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Do you want a tranquil oasis or a vibrant display of colour? Once you have considered all of these factors, you can start planning your garden layout. But even then, it is important to keep in mind that gardens are always evolving.

Perspective garden Pergola Drwing in wimborne dorset.

Request a consultation by simply filling in an appointment form or by calling us on 01202 914 144.

Garden Design

Garden Design 

What you can expect from a garden design.

Garden design in wimbourne england.

1. Garden Consultation 

The first step is to arrange a garden consultation. During the appointment, we can discuss ideas for your garden with you and take some time to sketch out some proposals. 


2. Concept Plan

The second step is to provide you with a plan drawing and mood board. This will help you visualise your garden so you have a clear idea of what’s possible in your outdoor space. The garden plan will show you the size and shapes of the different areas such as lawns, patios, paths and borders.   

3. Garden Design

Once the concept drawing has been completed, other detalis can be added such as planting and if neccesary, elevation and/or technical drawings.

What you can expect from a planting plan

4. Planting Plans 

Planting plans can be added to complete plan drawings. They include the location of the plants as well as the botanical name and plant habit. To find out more about the planting plans we offer, please click here. 


Please note planting plans are priced seperately to garden designs. 

2D Visual Plans: Planting Plans can be offered in a range of styles, this is to present the best possible visual display to you. Plans presented in “Legacy Hidden” are clear with less colour, they most commonly only have outside drawing lines and numbers. Plans Presented “as displayed” are more vibrant, they can make visualisation easy and show a colourful representation of what planting could look like once established.  


This presentation option is available in smaller plans where planting schemes are not too complicated.  

Elevation planting plans: Can be a great aid to visualise how an established plan could look. They are an add on to existing planting plans. They are available for narrow beds where there is layers of planting or a clear focal point. 

Planting Plan Legacy Hidden lilliput BH14 BH13

As Displayed

Legacy Hidden 

Garden Design Planting Plan lilliput BH14 BH13
Elavtion Planting plan in Lilliput poole Dorset.

Elevation Planting Plan 

Established Planting plan near sandbanks.

Established Plan 

Modular Plans: Planting plans that have a lot of different plants, are large, are complex or have multiple beds are usually presented as a Modular plan. This means each bed or section is coloured and number coded, all corresponding plants are shown on a separate planting list. Planting lists can provide a wide range of information such as plant habit, flowering season, foliage colour and more.   

Modular Plan  

Planting Plan garden design in lyndhurst New forest.

Planting List 

planting list for a garden design in the newforest.

Other Garden Design Options 

5. Elevation Drawings 

Elevation, axonometric and perspective garden drawings can be provided to help you visualise your project complete. 

Please note elevation drawings are priced seperately to garden designs. 

garden kitchen Design in wimbourn dorset england.
3d garden design in wimbourn engalnd, with a garden room.

6. Technical Drawings 

Technical 2D and 3D drawings can be provided to help you see all angles of the garden. However, we only recommend 2D and 3D technical drawings if there is to construction elements within your garden design.  

Technical drawings can be provided as a separate item or as part of a wider garden design. 

Design Fees

Garden Design Pricing 

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