Garden Design & Planning 

Designing a garden takes more than you may expect; however, the benefits are real. 

When gardens don't follow a good plan, there are usually a few issues, most notable changes in levels not taken into account, and elements such as lawns and patios not matching up. 


If you do require a plan, the first stage is to discuss your garden with you. Each garden is different, and everyone wants to spend time in theirs differently, so it is essential to take time to discuss how you want your garden to look. The next stage is to produce a full CAD-based plan for your garden.

Landscape Planning Services 

All our gardens follow a plan, this is so you can visualise what your garden or your garden feature could look like. The planning service is free of charge but if you require something more indepth, then we can provide a full garden design. The difference between a design and a plan can be seen below:

Garden Design 

Our Garden Design service provides a detailed, to scale image of your garden's potential. During the process, we work with you to understand your unique requirements and ideas and build a design tailored to your garden.

Depending on your requirements and ideas, we can additionally create 3D technical drawings, create a unique planting plan, provide a range of samples of specific materials and include changes in heights to the nearest cm and more. 

The cost of the Garden Design service changes depending on the size and the complexity of the garden. 

Garden Design Pricing  




























£ 200.00

£ 300.00

£ 400.00

£ 450.00

£ 500.00

£ 525.00

£ 600.00

£ 675.00


Garden Plan 

The Garden Planning service is used mostly for individual landscaping services, such as replacing a patio or installing artifical grass. The service allows you (the client),  to see a to scale plan drawing of the proposed areas you would like to develope. 

If you are wanting to landscape your whole garden, then a Garden Design would be required for this purpose.

Step 1 Consultation 

We provide a free of charge intial consultation for all our clients in the Dorset area and the New Forest. During this time we can talk about your plans and look at samples. 

Step 2 Quotation & Acceptance  

We always provide a full, detailed quote which is also a method statement. This is for your reference and ensures your garden will be completed to a high-standard. 

Step 3 Construction 

The last step is to complete the project to a high standard.

If you would like a free consultation and visit to discuss your garden plan or design, then please fill in an enquiry form.  


Once complete we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a date and time to come and see you at your home. 


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