Artificial Lawn Supply And Installation  

Whatever you call it, fake grass, Astroturf, synthetic turf is becoming more and more popular. Many people are considering replacing their real lawn with a fake one for a number of reasons. For example, it is easier to maintain, and you needn’t worry about cutting the grass. Another reason is because artificial turf will remain the same colour all year round. However, it is important to understand the benefits of each synthetic turf product, so you make the right decision and purchase for your garden.   


There is a wide range of synthetic turf to choose from. They all have different characteristics and perform in many different ways. On our first garden consultation, we present and advise on a range of samples to help you make the best decision.


We are the only installers of artificial turf in Bournemouth to supply and fit the Perfectly Green range.

Choosing The Right Grass  

Once you have decided on the best synthetic turf for your garden, we can provide a full quote detailing the methods we use to lay the turf.

The Installation Process  

Once you have decided on the best synthetic turf for your garden, we can provide a full quote detailing the methods we use to lay the turf.


We offer an 8 year guarantee for all turf we supply and fit. 

The Installation Process  

To install a robust and long-lasting artificial lawn, the foundation has to be just right. Laying synthetic grass on a thin layer of sand will result in a bumpy lawn with a short life span. However, installing on a proper foundation means your lawn will stay flat, will drain properly and will last for many years. 


Take a look at how we lay our artificial lawns below. Please be aware that not all installers of artificial turf provide a full foundation, this should be a minimum for a flat and long-lasting synthetic lawn.   

Synthetic Turf 

5mm screed layer 

60-100mm foundation 

Weedproof membrane


Stabilising sheet

Grass Types And Specifications 

We supply and install the most natural looking grass alternative of any installers of artificial turf in the Dorset region. Our entire range comes with a 8 year UV protection Guarantee.  


A mid-range grass with a 30mm pile height for a family lawn. Lancia is soft and thick.


A mid-range grass with a 35mm pile height, ideal for any garden due to it robustness.  


A mid to high range grass with four different colours. Mystique looks as close to real grass as synthetic gets. 


A mid to high range grass with 35mm pile height. Viper is natural-looking and soft to touch. 


A top range grass with tightly woven diamond shaped blades for spring back. Magnum is one of the best synthetic grasses available in the UK market.


Infinity has a 35mn pile height. It is dog-friendly turf with a non-absorbent polyurethane backing.

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost To Install?

There is no way around it, synthetic grass is expensive to install, well, at least if you want it last more than one summer. There are factors which contribute to the cost of synthetic grass. Factors such as the grass you choose or the current condition of your garden, but to install a simple mid-ranged turf to a standard, square-shaped garden, the cost should be between £65 to £75 per metre square. If it falls below this then you should probably be questioning as to why the cost is lower than this. 


Why should I pay this?

There are some installers of artificial turf that don’t build an ample foundation. You should always ask for a full specification which highlights what the foundation is made from as well as the depth. If a quote is too cheap, then you should be suspicious of it. Going with the cheapest may seem like a win at the time but this can be a costly mistake in the long run. 


Why does artificial grass cost so much? 

Artificial grass can seem costly, but a lot of work and material goes in to installing it properly. From removal to installation, there is a cost attached to the contractor and the deeper the foundation the deeper the cost.