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Establishing plants in a new bed

Establishing healthy plants 

For Newly Planted Pot Plants 

Watering guide for new and healthy newly planted beds, trees and large shrubs.

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Cannaverdi How much to water new plants in a garden.

Newly planted  


New plants don't have anyway of consuming water beyond the pot-shaped roots they are planted with. This is why it is important to encurage strong rootgrowth early so the plant can sustaining strong surfice growth and survive longer periods of time witout water in the future. Plants are most vulnerable in there first year so it is important to pay atention. 

New plants from a garden center or nursery will be used to being watered little and often, this is because they are vulnerable to drying out fast in pots. This method however will not encourage plants to expand root systems once planted in the ground. To encourage strong root growth the plant should instead be watered with greater quantitys of water less often. This may stress out the plant as water is not avalible to the plant so immediatly, because of this the plants have to expand there root systems to find moisture.  

Once a plant has established a strong root system it should be fairly self-sufficient and only need watering during prolonged dry periods. 

On the day of planted? Each plant should be well watered when planted in. 


How much water? Each garden center-sized plant should receive 10 - 15 Litres of water each time you water your garden, a rough guide would be a garden bucket. Its important to soak the root ball when watering. This is so water surrounds the root ball and travels down beyond it, encouraging stronger root growth. 


How oftern to water? During the Spring, Summer and Autumn it is advisable to water once a week, if however the conditions are dry, then you may need to water more often.  

Plant watering schedule  


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