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Establishing A new Lawn from turf rolls. 

For Domestic Lawns 

Maintenance Guide for new and healthy lawns with a mix of both fine and hard-wearing grasses. 

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Once your new lawn has been laid there is several things new grass needs to establish successfully. The aim is to encourage the roots from the new turf to travel downwards, binding the grass to the soil below. 



Depending on the time of year, soil condition and weather, new grass requires water to successfully establish a root system. 


when should I water: It is important to water new turf when the conditions are dry and warm. In the spring and summer watering more regularly is usually required.

How much should I water: It is best to soak the grass thoroughly. By doing so, water travels down Through the soil beyond the top growth, replenishing the soils natural reservoir and encouraging strong deep root growth. 

How often should I water: In the summer and warmer periods new lawns usually will need to be watered at least twice a week. This may be more frequent if the conditions are hot and dry. During the winter it is important that water is still available to the lawn but watering should be conducted only when the conditions are dry. 



In time, new grass will need to be mowed. When the turf reaches a height of around 3.5-5 cm and its has rooted in it is ready for its first cut. you should not let your turf exceed 5 cm. 


When should I cut: you should conduct your first cut when the turf has rooted in and reached a height of 3.5-5 cm. An easy way to check if your turf has rooted is to gently lift a corner of the turf, if it comes up it hasn't rooted yet.

what hight should I cut my lawn at: once your lawn has established it should not exceed 3.5cm, however during its first 3 to 4 before its fist cut it may grow taller and require reducing in hight over a number of weeks. when cutting lawns it is important to never cut more that one third of the lawn height at a time. This rule of thirds will help to maintain an attractive looking lawn and prevent scalping. For more in depth cutting information please click here. 

How often should I cut my lawn: Once your lawn has established it should be cut weekly during the growing season. In the winter months you can reduce cutting to every two weeks or as required. 



It is also important to fertilise your lawn once it has been rooted in. This can be done with a slow release or quick acting fertiliser depending on the season. When establishing new turf, do not use high nitrogen fertilisers which may burn the grass

Lawn Maintenance Schedule



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